SHIMIZU, Akiko PhD  清水晶子








学士(英米文学・東京大学) 1993年3月29日
修士(英米文学・東京大学) 1996年3月29日
MA in Sexual Politics (University of Wales, Cardiff) 1999年7月10日
PhD (University of Wales, Cardiff) 2003年7月14日


I am an associate professor of the Department of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, the University of Tokyo, and teach part time at International Christian University, Tokyo. My research interests include feminist and queer theories, theories of bodies and (self-)representation, queer disability studies, and postcolonial feminist theories.


I earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English literature at the University of Tokyo, while extending my interest to critical and cultural theories and in particular to feminist and queer theories. I got my second MA at the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, University of Wales, Cardiff, where I also completed a PhD.


I am currently working on a critical analysis of the cultural and theoretical figures/tropes of reproduction in relation to the possibilities of imagining queer pasts and futures. My other projects include re-politicizing (and localizing) the notion of queer temporality in the face of historical revisionism in Japan, and theorizing the touch (and skin) not only as connection and proximity but as the gesture and site of disconnection and otherness.


My students and I have been organizing an annual lecture series on queer studies that is open to a public audience for the last four years, attracting a diverse range of attendees from activists and researchers to those who have a personal interest in the subject. We also organize film screenings, seminars and other events related to feminist/queer issues.


Born in Tokyo in 1970.

BA in English Literature(the University of Tokyo)March, 1993.
MA in English Literature(the University of Tokyo)March, 1996.
MA in Sexual Politics (University of Wales, Cardiff)  July, 1999.
PhD (University of Wales, Cardiff)  July, 2003.