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Annual Public Lecture Series:

Introduction to Queer Theory @Komaba

IQT@Komaba project aims at:
1. Sharing with the public the findings and discussions in the field of queer studies;
2. Further developing and improving the queer studies’ research and education relevant to the needs of the public.
The project has organized six lectures every autumn since its launch in 2010.
Details of the 2018 IQT@Komaba lecture series will be announced in September.

Latest Updates (Mostly in Japanese)


1. Outline and Objective


Mutual Sharing of Scholarly Findings and Public Needs

Audience:Access to scholarly findings and discussions; participation in creation of discussion space

Postgraduate Student (Lecturer):Access to public needs and opinions; Training opportunity for the future career in education; Academic training to contextualize and describe their research in relation to the preceding literature

Supervising Academic:Access to public expectation for queer studies in Japan; Testing and improving the mode of queer pedagogy

Distinctive Features

Mutual education:Connecting scholarly findings with urgent and relevant issues in Japan through discussions involving audience, students(lecturer), and supervising academics.

Space sharing:Creating a local space where people get together and engage in duscussions


2010〜2012 JSPS Kakenhi Grant Project Group “The Development of Queer Studies in Japan”

2013年〜 JSPS Kakenhi Grant Project Group “Establishing Queer Studies in Japan”

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2. IQT@Komaba 2018

Representation of/and Women’s Bodies

Lecturer:CHENG, Si

Date:2021/1/14〜2020/3/25  Wed 19:30〜21:00

1/14  Introduction:Women, Bodies and Representation

1/28 Women Representing Women’s Bodies: Questions of “Essence”

2/11 (Dis)Identification: Facing Represented Bodies

2/25 Bodies as Representation

3/11 Lived Bodies that Still Matter: Transgender Theories

3/25 Physicality of Anime Characters, Voice/Actors, and “Boys’ Love Cassettes” and Women’s Sexualities

3. Past IQT@Komaba Lecture Series

IQT@Komaba 2018

Transgender Theories: The (Evil?) Twin of Queer Theory

Lecturer:Yamada, Hidenobu

Date:2018/10/24〜2019/1/09  Wed 19:30〜21:00

Location:University of Tokyo, Komaba Building 18

10/24 Introduction: Uneasy Relation among Feminism, Queer, and Trans*

11/07 Feminism and The Birth of Transsexuality: Psychiatry as Discursive Power

11/21The Rise of Transgender Movement and Queer Theory: Deconstruction of Binary Genders and Criticism of Medical Institution

12/12 Transsexual Criticism of Queer/Transgender approach: Materiality of the Body

12/26 Nation and Transgender as the Subject of Rights

01/10 Trans* Crossing Borders: Behind Legal and Medical Treatment of GID in Japan


 IQT@Komaba 2017

Queer Reading of Art History: Theories and Practices of Images

Lecturer:HANDA, Yuri

Date:2017/10/25〜2018/1/10  Wed 19:30〜21:00

Location:University of Tokyo, Komaba Building 18

10/25 Introduction: What is Queer Theory?

11/08 Feminist “Deconstruction” of Art History

11/22 Subject, Desire and Representation:Image and Psychoanalysis

12/06 The Marked and the Visible:Politics of Visibility in the time of AIDS

12/20 Queer as a Style and Its Commodification: Development since the 1990s

01/10 “Female Artists”: Uncovering,Critiquing, and Standing in Solidarity

IQT@Komaba 2016


Queer Imagination/Creation of the World: Queer Theory as Hermeneutic Practice 

Lecturer:Stefan Würrer

Date:2016/11/09〜2017/1/18  Wed 19:30〜21:00

Location:University of Tokyo, Komaba Building 18

11/09 Introduction1: Queer, Queer Theory, and their Historical Conditions

11/23 Introduction2: Queer Critique and the Theoretical Background

12/07 Whose History, Whose Language?: The Questions of Cannon and Écriture Féminine

12/21 Epistemology of the Closet and the Ambivalence of Visibility

1/11 Performativity and the Violence of Representation

1/18 Parody, Fetishism, and Kusama Yayoi

IQT@Komaba 2015



Lesbian, Body, Queer: Rethinking the Politics of Solidarity

Lecturer:SASAKI, Yuko

Date:2015/10/28〜2016/1/6  Wed 19:30〜21:00

Location:University of Tokyo, Komaba Building 18

10/28 Introduction: Lesbians and the Queer Movement

11/11 HIV/AIDS and Female Bodies

11/25 (Queer?) Bodily Differences

12/09 Injuring Your Own Body

12/23 Flawless Bodies and the Monstrous

1/06 Unhappy Queer

IQT@Komaba 2014

Queer Ambivalence Toward Differences: Responding to the Other Side of Discourse

Lecturer:HANYU, Yuki

Date:2014/11/05〜2015/1/7  Wed 19:30〜21:00

Location:University of Tokyo, Komaba Building 18

11/05 Introduction: Difference and Border-Crossing, Solidarity and Severance

11/19 Historical Conditions of Queer Theory: History of Activism and History of Theory?

12/03 Compulsory Repetition and Citation of the Norm: Gender Performativity

12/17 The Lure of Essentialism?: Questioning the Frames of Recognition and Survival

1/07 The underlying of “Between Men”: Queer Reading as Critique

1/14 In the Name of the Liberal: Dangerous Relationship between Queer Theory and Neoliberalism

IQT@Komaba 2013


From the liberation to queer movement: Politics of Race, Nationalism and Sexuality

Lecturer: TAKAUCHI, Yuki

Date: 2013/10/16〜2014/1/8 Wed 19:30〜21:00

Location: University of Tokyo, Komaba Building 18

10/16 Introduction

10/30 Pre-WWII: Invention of homosexual category

11/13 1950s: Homophile movement

11/27 1970s: Gay liberation movement

12/11 1980s: AIDS activism

1/8      9.11 and LGBT movement:Homonormativity and homonatinoalism

IQT@Komaba 2013 pre-series event: Film screening of UNITED IN ANGER and post-screening talk

10/5 14:00-17:30 @ University of Tokyo, Komaba Building 18

Prof. Kanno Yuka(Queer Theory、Film Studies)
Takauchi Yuki(American History, Queer Studies)

Moderator Shimizu Akiko(Feminist and Queer Theory)

Organiser: JSPS Kakenhi Grant Project Group “Establishing Queer Studies in Japan”、連連影展FAV


12年公開講座ポスター のコピー

The “I” that is beyond my control:On queer survivability

Lecturer:IWAKAWA, Arisa

Date:2012/10/17〜2013/1/9 Wed 19:30〜21:00

Location:University of Tokyo, Komaba Building 18

10/17 Introduction: AIDS crisis and grievability

10/31 Proper expression of the “I”: Closet and coming-out

11/14 Wish to become the “I” that I wish to become: Performativity and compulsory repetition

11/28 The “I” that is seen ≠ the “I”: Development of trans-theories

12/12 Politics of injurability: Neoliberalism and the dependence on others

1/9 Conditions that enable the “I”: (Im)Possibility of border crossing

IQT@Komaba 2011


The Politics surrounding Queer Visibility

Lecturer:ISERI, Makiko

Date:2011/10/19〜2012/1/9 Wed 19:30〜21:00

Location:University of Tokyo, Komaba Building 18

10/19 Introduction

11/2   Silence=Death: AIDS crisis and drag

11/16 Invisible differences: Femme lesbians and transsexuals

11/30 What is the closet?: Passing and coming out

12/14  Choosing not to choose: Queer disability studies and privileged bodies

1/18   Female female impersonation:Commodification of “Gya-ru”s and homonormativity

IQT@Komaba 2010

〈クィア理論入門授業〉ポスター のコピー

Lecturer:KAWASAKA, Kazuyoshi

Date:2010/11/10〜2011/1/26 Wed 19:30〜21:00

Location:University of Tokyo, Komaba Building 18

11/10 Introduction

11/24 Dangerous relationship with the father: Psychoanalysis and the politics of interpretation

12/8   Foucault and AIDS crisis

12/22 Questioning heterosexuality: Judith Butler and Eve Sedgwick

1/12   Politics, Queer and “Touji-sha”: Sexuality studies in Japan

1/26   What does it mean to be “political” in contemporary society?: The development and task of queer studies

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